Food Beauty Center

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Food Beauty Center - 2628 Shelby Street Indianapolis IN 46203

Food Beauty Center - 2628 Shelby Street Indianapolis IN 46203

What is the Food Beauty Center?

Open to the Public and part of the RUCKUS Makerspace program, the Food Beauty Center is a non-profit food product incubator complementing the other Garfield Creative Community Spaces.  Located at 2628 Shelby Street just south of Garfield Park, this facility offers 2,400 SF of State licensed dedicated food production space for food product startups. 

 The space supports the startup and scale food businesses that work with:

  • Plant-based food products  

  • Baked goods

  • Beverages

 The program consists of:

  • 2,400 square feet of community kitchen space and for the incubation of food product related businesses.

  • Food Organization space (dedicated office space for one to two food nonprofits).

  • Community building events, during Big Car/Garfield Park area events.

  • Promotion of B2B relationships and clustering of businesses.

  • Co-working at RUCKUS and the RiverWest Works space.

  • Mentorship opportunities through RUCKUS partners.

 Who will benefit from the Food Beauty Center?

The facility provides low cost opportunities for food product based startups and entrepreneurs that are scaling.   Women/minority and low to moderate-income microentrepreneurs in Marion County will be given priority access. We feature dedicated dry storage space, shared equipment, shared packing tables, locations for dedicated equipment, processing spaces, and packing spaces.  We work with food brands of all sizes to offer them the space and connections to support wholesale development and connections to retail partners.

Why is the Food Beauty Center needed?

Aspiring food and beverage entrepreneurs who have outgrown their own kitchen often lack the capital to pay for a full buildout of a storefront or warehousing space giving them state and local approvals for retail/contract sales.  Costs at other “community kitchen incubators” charge a per hour fee and focus on food trucks and catering.  These fee structures making the development of food products uneconomical.  Other spaces are not vegetation and create cross contamination potential.   The Food Beauty Center will help those small business owners by providing affordable space in which they can further incubate their ideas.

I am a Food Maker or know a Food Maker, how can I learn more about joining the space?

If you are creating a plant based on baked product, start the four (4) step process at the RUCKUS Makerspace ( website.  This will schedule a tour.   Plan to share your product with us and discuss your plans to develop it.   We structured lease the space’s membership rates range from  $180 to  $300 per month based equitably on income and business stage with limited scholarships to help reduce these costs.  We also have on-site storage and limited outdoor storage available.

One year term or month to month terms.

  • State Board of Health certification for wholesale/retail food products.

  • Monthly fee(s) with unlimited access hours.

  • Lease rates based on maker incomes and business needs.

  • Shared workspace with scheduled time slots available.

  • Dedicated and secured storage available.

  • Limited office space for food organizations.


How can the community support the Food Beauty Center?

We are seeking in-kind donations for:

  • Scholarship support for low/moderate income makers.

  • Equipment.

  • Technical Support  (Mentorship).

  • Food distribution and supplier connections.


Tours and Public Programming

Food Beauty Center is Open to the Public

Tuesdays for Tours 10am and 3pm 

by Arrangement Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm 

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Food Beauty Center

Food Beauty Center


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